Hi there, we are the Matugas Fam. :) 

We love to stick around each other, make each other mad and enjoy things together. 

This blog was created to (1) document our simple yet meaningful family food and travel bonding, and (2) to share a tip or two for those who are planning to visit the places we've been to and foods we've tried. 

The Pops

Hi, I'm Daniel, the pops behind Eats Travel Time! 

If you're into about football, basketball, and guitar, you might like talking to me. 

You may think I'm a well-behaved person but to Nate and Nilyn, I'm a crazy papa who likes to fool around them and make them mad. 😅


The Momsh

Make way for the strict-slash-sweet mama! I'm Nilyn, the mom behind Above Precious Rubies. 😊 

If you are into blogging, WAHMing, movies, and music, we might get along well. I am the sanity of the family and I love getting hugs and kisses from the boys.


The Master

It's funny I'm called a master every time mama books a flight on one of the leading airlines in the Philippines. I guess it's because I am indeed mama and papa's master. Haha. 

I like talking to adults - what they're saying make sense. I talk about a lot of things - that's a warning! LOL. Because you might get bored when I start doing all the talking. Don't worry, some of the things I'm saying
ng is interesting. 😃


We're glad you stumble upon our site. We hope you'll stick around. 

📧 eatstraveltime@gmail.com

Matugas Fam

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